PARKLAND, Fla., Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Before March, 2018, most people had never been aware of Parkland, a charming small town, buried quietly west of Boca Raton. While the whole state was concentrating on the tragic events at the neighborhood Parkland senior high school, a tiny number of 12 and 13-year-old children were performing their finest to move forward making use of their options to shock the lacrosse earth come july 1st – and they delivered. Meet the Team 91 Titans, the 2018 National Lacrosse Federation National Champions.

The Team 91 Titans made history in 2018 when Broward County recognized the team with a Proclamation, naming January 24, 2018’Team 91 Titans Day’in Broward County. Shown by County Commissioner, Jordan Udine, at the Tamarac Entertainment Center, the proclamation was shown to the team because of their undefeated championship benefits in 2017 including a National Championship Sweep at the popular Dick’s Match of Winners held in Wesley Chapel, FL.

The team has gotten the attention of instructors from throughout the state since the Leaders’participants are get yourself ready for their senior high school lacrosse careers. The Leaders contend on the national stage just and some participants have now been recognized in the country’s most competitive events because of their amount of play, including: Alec Gregorek earning First Team All-World at Earth Series Youth Lacrosse, All National at Player All America Games and First Team All-Tournament at Dick’s Match of Winners, Jordan Evans who is identified in the lacrosse earth as “Spike” has gained All National at Player All America Games, First Team All-Tournament at Dick’s Match of Winners, Marcus Acevedo gained Next Team All-World Honors at Earth Group of Youth Lacrosse, Matthew Evans gained MVP at Dick’s Match of Winners after a nail biting goal in overtime in the championship sport, Liam Gregorek gained First Team All-Tournament at Dick’s Match of Winners for his 90% Faceoff gain Average around 2 days of powerful national competition. Joe Alexis gained First Team All-Tournament for his owning performance at Dicks TOC. The Leaders are getting because of their third run at a national championship next month at the IMG Academy wherever, once again, they will compete against the best U13 groups in the U.S.

This weekend at IMG Academy, as expected by the currently two-time 2018 national champions, the Leaders wear a center against the top qualifying groups from Georgia, Washington and Pennsylvania. The Leaders went undefeated that weekend, wining all five games within the span of two days of competition.

The Leaders are composed of participants from Parkland, Ponte Vedra, and Bradenton, FL. In three national championship contests, the Leaders haven’t lost a single game. The participants train, often five days weekly, thirty-six months per year. Coached by Scott and Jamie Evans and Guided by Natalie Gregorek, the Leaders are scheduled to play and protect their national brands again next summertime at the School of Massachusetts, Amherst at the NLF National Championship. Until then, the Leaders will keep instruction and enjoying in the lacrosse hotbeds of New York, Maryland along with the others locations.

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